Creating and Promoting Great Games

We are a board game publisher and incubator based in Mexico, working since 2017 to create innovative and high-quality experiences related to tabletop games.


We focus on developing games that are not only fun but also innovative and bring emotions to the table. In fact, that's where our name comes from: The Test Table.


We turn dreams into reality with pieces of paper and markers. We believe in new ideas and know that any game can be good enough to be loved by many.


As an incubator, we also offer courses in game design to nurture talent and provide the necessary tools so more people can create the game of their dreams

We work on proposals that make a difference.

We’re always searching new Ideas

Do you want to know some success stories?

Dodos Riding Dinos

Dodos Riding: Dinos Dodo Dash

Regroup! Chicken Army